Data Recovery Service

RAB Computers can recover your data from damaged Hard disk drive, RAID arrays, all types of operating systems, laptop hard disk, password, email and other storages devices common in use by many commercial organizations.

Our data recovery engineers using advance technology and class 100 clean room technology helps in recovering data from unintentional removal, formatting, a virus attack, electrical surges or outages, wreckage, cartridge, natural disasters like flood , fire, moisture, dust etc dropping and many other scenarios.

Most often data gets lost on storage media such as hard disk, floppy disk, RAID arrays, CD/DVD and from other electronic storage devices. Data loss occurs either by physical damage or logical damage. In case of physical damage a CD can have scratches on its surface; a hard disk drive read/write head can crash and a tape can just smash up. In case of logical damage the data is not lost rather somehow its addresses on storage media are inaccessible such as formatting and deletion comes under the category of logical damage of data

5  Hard Disk Data Recovery
We have qualified hard disk data recovery experts who make efficient use of class 100 clean room technology and they can recover your mislaid data from collided and injured hard drives.

1  Recovery Process
We offer fast, reliable and efficient data recovery process here in fully software and hardware equipped labs of UK data recovery .we have class 100 clean room technology in our labs.

4  Laptop Data Recovery
We perform the data recovery task for laptop / Notebook hard disks, recover your lost data on laptop here and continue your business progress and your personal mobility.

2  Business Data Recovery
We recognize the significance of data for your commerce. Your are at the accurate place, We recover your business crucial data in case of disaster.

Data Recovery Pricing

The following is a sample of prices for data recovery of hard drives. Submit your case online to get price for your data recovery problem.

IDE Hard Drive

Size of Drive: 2 - 250 GB --->> Price Ranges from £199 to £1000
Size of Drive: 250 – 500 GB --->> Price Ranges from £199 to £1200

SATA Hard Drives
All Drives --->> Price Ranges from £199 to £1500.

All removable media recovery prices are fixed depending upon the size of the media and type of media.